Roosevelt Campobello International Park

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT spent many enjoyable vacations at his summer home on Campobello Island, in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy. His magnificent 34-room residence is today the centerpiece of Roosevelt-Campobello International Park, preserved as a memorial and as a symbol of the close friendship between Canada and the United States. Owned, funded, staffed, and administered by the peoples of both Canada and the United States, Roosevelt Campobello International Park is enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Visitors are welcomed to the Park in the Edmund S. Muskie Visitor Center, where panels, displays, and a short video interpret the Roosevelt story from the time Franklin Roosevelt and his parents first visited Campobello through his battle with polio, his presidency, and the establishment of the Park. Guides respond to informational requests and sell a limited number of souvenirs.

A short walk past beautiful flower gardens leads visitors to FDR and Eleanor’s summer home. Both outside and inside, guides provide interpretation and answer questions about the cottage, its furnishings, and the Roosevelt family.

In addition to the Roosevelt Cottage, the Park Commission has acquired and restored four other "cottages" dating from the same period. One of these, the Hubbard Cottage, is also available for public viewing when it is not in use in the Park Commission’s conference program.

Wooded paths and fields offer vistas of nearby islands, bays, and shores.