Among the treasures found at the BITTERSWEET GIFT SHOP are Maine-made items and home decor. This shop’s original tin walls and ceilings make it a one-of-a-kind original.

Operating in the back of the Bittersweet Gift Shop is the BITTERSWEET BAKE SHOP, where Marie Chiofolo specializes in homemade pastries, cookies, special occasion cakes. This is the home of Max's Jumbo Muffins.

Fort Knox Historic Site

FORT KNOX, Maine's largest historic fort, features stunning military architecture and master granite craftsmanship. Constructed between 1844 and 1864 by master craftsmen and never fully completed, this is an unaltered example of a large mid-19th century granite coastal fortification. It is also New England's finest unmodified specimen of military architecture of the period.

The fort was strategically located on the narrows of the Penobscot River to protect the river valley from naval attack. Although it never saw combat, Fort Knox was garrisoned during the Civil and Spanish American Wars.

Fort Knox bears the distinction of being Maine's first granite fort. About 500 troops from Connecticut were stationed here during the Spanish-American War. They lived outside the main fort structure in large tents. Today, visitors can stroll the grounds of this great fort and learn about the rich history of the troops who served to protect American interests during the 1800s.

The main fort building measures 252 by 146 feet. The fort's two levels contain mounts for 64 cannons. Four batteries, with a total of 69 cannons, cover lines of defense. Visitors are welcome to explore the fort's passageways and many rooms. The fort also features two complete Rodman cannons. Guided tours are available daily during the summer season.

Fort Knox is situated on Route 174, just off U.S. Route 1 west of the Waldo-Hancock Bridge. It is open May 1 - October 30. An admission fee is charged.