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SCENIC NATURAL AREA of upland forests, rocky shores, and an offshore island provide opportunities for hiking, nature appreciation, and cross-country skiing in winter. Picnic tables are available, along with an area to launch canoes and kayaks.

Bordering Penobscot Bay in Brooksville, Holbrook Island Sanctuary protects many different ecosystems, which visitors can explore and enjoy. From the beaches, mud flats, and rocky coast to the tops of steep hills that are actually old volcanoes, the sanctuary hosts a great diversity of plant and animal life. Stands of spruce-fir, pine, and mixed hardwoods, together with wetlands and meadows, encourage a multitude of colorful wildflowers that bloom from early spring until late fall. Down through these forests and old fields and around the marshes and ponds, alert visitors can see abundant signs of deer, fox, muskrat, beavers, otter, porcupine, bobcat and coyote.

The Sanctuary borders Penobscot Bay south of Bucksport in Brooksville

Open All Year, No Fee Charged