BAKER ISLAND LIGHT, Cranberry Isles. Located at the SW entrance to Frenchman Bay. Built in 1828; rebuilt 27 years later. Now unattended, this tower is 105 ft. above mean high water and offers nice views on a clear day.

BASS HARBOR HEAD LIGHT, Tremont. Marking the entrance toBass Harbor, this light stands 56 ft. above mean high water. Built in 1858. Accessible by car.

BEAR ISLAND LIGHT, Cranberry Isles. Standing at the SE entrance to Northeast Harbor, this light was first put into operation in 1839 and rebuilt in 1889. Its white cylinderical tower is 100 ft. above mean high water.

BROWN'S HEAD LIGHT, Vinalhaven. The original 20-ft. structure was built in 1832, then replaced in 1857. An oil house was added in 1903.

BURNT COAT HARBOR LIGHT, Swan's Island. Located on the most southern tip of Swan's Island, this light was built in 1872. This square tower stands 32 ft in height. The fog signal is still operational, but the bell signal is inactive. Brick oil house was added in 1895. Access is by boat only.

CURTIS ISLAND LIGHT, Camden. Located on the south side of Camden Harbor, this tower was built in 1838 and replaced in 1896. The light is 25 ft high and cylindrical in shape. Access is by boat only

DICE HEAD LIGHT, Castine. Located at the N side of the entrance of Castine Harbor, the original lighthouse was built in 1829. It was discontinued in 1935, and replaced with a skeleton tower in 1937.